Apple Pressing Media / ACRD Farm Plan Kick Off Apple Pressing Media / ACRD Farm Plan Kick Off Welcome to Arrowvale Thank you Ann and Bob for hosting such a great event! 196613994 Great Setting 196613996 Beautiful Autumn Day 196613995 Here come the apples! Lots of apples waiting to be made into delicious juice! 196613990 Apples, apples, apples 196613991 All kinds of delicious apples 196613992 Wheelbarrows full of apples! 196613998 Setting up the press 196613997 196613999 196614000 196614001 Culling the "bad apples" 196614002 Sorting through the apples 196614004 Apples from the Gleaning Project These apples from the gleaning project got pressed and the juice doanted to the Bread of Life for their Gala Fundraiser dinner. Thank you Heather, and all the hard working gleaners. 196614016 The apples begin their journey up the conveyor 196614003 Apples are washed, then crushed 196614005 Frame is placed on crusher table 196614007 Cloth is draped over frame 196614006 And more layers are added 196614009 The the hydraulic press presses the stack of frames 196614011 And out comes the juice! 196614008 Juice is sterilized 196614013 Fun for the kids 196613993 Future Farmer 196614015 Heather Shobe and Charles Thomas 196614014 196614017 196614018 Farmer to Farmer 196614019 196614020